personified zodiacs + elemental powers

Shifting Balance

In a world where elemental magic is the norm, the guardians are a bunch of chosen teenagers that are called The Zodiacs.


meet the main characters

Air Signs

Jamie Thomas
Genevieve Mizugame
Harmony Bailiff aka "Liv"

Liv is a nickname that Genevieve calls Harmony

Earth Signs

Joan Melba Morwyn
Gilles Hutton
Ethan Farley

Fire Signs

Lennard Maximilian aka "Max"
Aidan Fletcher
Rachel Embers aka "Ember"

Max and Ember is usually what they are referred to by everyone.

Water Signs

Pearl Graucho

Scar's real name is unknown while Nino does not have a last name


extras from the webcomic + lexicon

Inside Harmony's Bedroom


Capzoncan either be a podcast/vodcast and blog/vlog. In the story, it's mainly used to replace the term podcast/vodcast but it is also used to refer to the stories' extras
Jomeithe location where the Magic Tree is located
Warptractthe equivalent of the internet but is mainly powered with magic

episode 1 - the tree

episode 2 - blue light

episode 3 - the destination

The art style on episode 4 and onwards has a slightly different art style because the author changed the programs she was using.

Here are a few panels for comparison!

Episode 1 vs. Episode 4

Magic Tree
Episode 3 vs. Episode 4

Episode 2 vs. Episode 7

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